Billy Bob Beamer
American Artist / Drawing

My works visually explore mystical ideas and prayer/meditation/healing processes, as well as my intuitive understanding of string theory, the vibratory interconnectedness of all things, and multiple universes. Like all art, though, the works are ultimately about themselves and the viewer's involvement with them.

At some point, the viewer needs to see my works through magnification -not a gimmick but a major part of the interactive process. This method becomes a way of revealing initially unseen details in the drawings-as well as random miniscule particles, fingerprints, and detritus-the latter arriving unexpectedly onto the glass and frame surfaces & interacting with the drawings in unplanned, ever changing, interconnected ways. Beamer says, "My best way to express incalculable enormity is to create its contrasting opposite, as seen in these small drawings." Beamer, a sociology graduate of the College of William and Mary, is also a retiree from the Commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Social Services, and an award-winning trumpeter, with a 40-year weekend career playing jazz, R & B, blues, and other types of music. Billy Bob and his wife, Kathy, live in Bedford County, Virginia. "At this time, I am concentrating on drawing--- that most basic mode of communication -- in a small format. To paraphrase William Blake: "the universe lies in a grain of sand."

Virginia, VA

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