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Joshua Daniel
Tamil Nadu

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Does your office give the military camp feel? Determination, hard work, and excellence imbibed in everyone's spirits. How will people think outside the box and brainstorm ideas working in those cubicles with dull, pale, and neutral walls?

Maybe all you need is the presence of a Pop Art piece in your office to excite, inspire, and rejuvenate the mind every time someone glances at it.

Why Pop Art?

Pop Art started as a historical art movement in the 1950s critical of the traditional artistic styles creating a new perspective inclined towards popular culture. Art reflecting humor, advertising, iconic movie posters, and logos became trendy.

You might have come across prominent Pop Art paintings like multicolored lips, the crying girl, or some crazy cartoon illustrations.Pop Art makes a statement with bright, vibrant colors and graphic imagery in any space, creating some amazing paintings

However, the art form isn't only about bold colors or cartoons; it is also about redefining and reinventing familiar notions. Pop Art fills the void in your working space and may help boost your productivity. 

It is cheap, and you can easily incorporate the art form in your office. Remember, there are no rules by which you need to abide. So, don't limit yourself and openly express. If you are wondering how to redesign your office with Pop art paintings, here are some suggestions. 

Mismatching is the key.

In general, art describes your personality or reminds you of your favorite things. Pick a theme for your office to work on a design. If yours is a music company, you can hang portraits of a guitar, music artist filled with beautiful and vibrant colors. 

Similarly, give an energetic and quirky vibe to your walls by choosing contrasting colors. Remember,for your pop art to stand out, it should not match the color of the walls. The mainstream colors used in pop art like yellow, blue, and red are cool, but what's better than playing with different colors. 

However,if you do not prefer loud interiors, you can choose a monochrome theme by incorporating pop art paintings.  

Wall Paintings

Don't optical illusions pull you out of monotony into an imaginary world? It plays with your mind. You can create crazy optical illusions on your wall with unique colors and patterns. Lighting and interior décor can enhance the look of the optical illusions. Aren't you a fan of optical illusions?

In that scenario, you also have the conventional option of painting your walls based on pop art. You can choose painting your favorite icons or reinvent simple objects with bold colors. Don't worry about pop art remaining on your walls permanently; you won't get bored soon.

If painting your walls feels like much work, you can play it cool with fantastic artwork wallpapers. You have many choices to look for inspiration, starting from the fascinating works of Richard Hamilton to Peter Phillips. 

How about wallpapers related to graphics and industrial images? Incorporating pop art in your office is up to your choices; you can go overboard, as there is nothing like "normal." It pretty much sounds like a plan for you to go crazy. 

Portraits and Prints of Drama

In case you are renting your office, painting walls is out of the question. You can still get the desired look by hanging pop art portraits and prints in your office. They are portable just in case you want to shift them to another location, saving your bucks. 

Paintings and prints are usually common sources of pop art because they are easily accessible and manageable. You can go gaga over choosing pop art portraits of your idols, interests, and predominantly related to your work.  For example, a pop art piece hung against the brick walls under industrial décor makes for an appealing look. 

If you want to create a magnificent look, you can place repetitive portraits of different styles in chronological order. You can also become a pop artist by taking prints of your desired pop art and placing them wherever you like. 

Make sure you frame the prints for a professional look in your office. Art resonates with thoughts, so wisely choose what to put up on your walls.

Induce humor

How about some funny comic posters to brighten your mood whenever you are overloaded with work or feeling low? Yes, pop art to soothe you.You can take inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein, who is recognized for his comic-book themed paintings. 

You can also re-energize your office and create a fun space by incorporating pop art portraits of cartoons. Make a statement with wry, funny, and satirical posters. You can purchase large wall paintings online to make your workspace come alive with colors. 

Say it through words.

Don't we all need some motivation and soothing words to work? Design encouraging quotes based on pop art to say it out loud and clear. It reflects positivity in the working space. Additionally, unique color combinations of the words will grab everyone's attention. You can choose interesting quotes and poetry to put up in your office.


You do not have to be tied down by realism in pop art because it is more about "pop."Vivid colors portray different thoughts and emotions. Pop art designers use new materials like polyester, acrylic, and foam rubber to produce paintings. 

However, plastic is usually preferred while creating the art form. Pop art isn't confined to paintings; you can incorporate elements of Pop art into furniture, artifacts, and décor. Go out of your comfort zone and renovate your office based on the abovementioned suggestions. If you are an art admirer with interest in Original hand painted artwork, www.indianartzone.com has something unique to offer for everyone!